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Scaliptor is a set of Scala Development Tools for use with the Eclipse 3.0/3.1 Platform. It is being completed as part of a degree course in Computer Science and should be ready in March 2005.

Ready for Eclipse

Current release: v0.5.3



The project has now ended. Continuing work on the project is no longer a priority but bug reports etc. will most likely be looked into. The following timetable explains what features were released when and what still needs to be done.

v0.1.0Syntax highlightingReleased 11.06.2004
v0.2.0Scala Projects and Wizards, build buttonInternal
v0.3.0Integrated building and error markingReleased 14.07.2004
v0.4.0Improved building, maintenanceInternal
v0.5.0Outline viewReleased 26.01.2005
v0.6.0Content assistanceSkipped
v0.8.0Basic DebuggerIn Progress
v0.9.0Improved Debugger

The EPFL are in the process of creating an official Scala Development Toolset so this will most likely be better than Scaliptor. Scaliptor 0.5.3 does work well though and I encourage anyone who uses Scala to try it until the SDT is available.

The source code is obviously available to anyone who wants it and it may prove useful for those looking to write their first Eclipse plugin.

I'd like to thank everyone who supported this project and who provided feedback.


The full report detailing how the plugin works and evaluating Eclipse and Scala against their competition is available here.


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