Scaliptor is a set of Scala Development Tools for use with the Eclipse 3.0 Platform. It is being completed as part of a degree course in Computer Science and should be ready in March 2005.

Ready for Eclipse

Current release: v0.5.2



This is a rough guide to which features will be added, when. It is by no means definitive and is subject to change.

June 2004 v0.1.0Syntax highlightingReleased 11.06.2004
July 2004 v0.2.0Scala Projects and Wizards, build buttonInternal
August 2004 v0.3.0Integrated building and error markingReleased 14.07.2004
September 2004v0.4.0Improved building, maintenanceInternal
October 2004 v0.5.0Outline viewReleased 26.01.2005
November 2004 v0.6.0Content assistanceSkipped
December 2004 v0.7.0MaintenanceInternal
January 2005 v0.8.0Basic DebuggerIn Progress
February 2005 v0.9.0Improved Debugger
March 2005 v1.0.0Final



Bug Fix Release 0.5.1 is out. This improves the stability of the outline view and corrects the location of compiled binaries.

Version 0.5.0 adds an outline view, improved building and the beginnings of a launch/debug interface (but it doesn't work yet). Also new is the update site so you can get eclipse to install and update Scaliptor automatically. Just point it to

Bug Fix Release 0.3.2 fixes compilation and error marking problems and here's a new look to the website to celebrate. I think it looks a lot better but it's never gonna validate... I've tried it in FireFox and IE, but if you have any problems, let me know...

Scaliptor 0.3.0 is released! Now it's very functional and can claim to be the world's first Scala IDE :) Please try it and report any problems you find.

Scaliptor gets own domain! Thanks to A4M.

Scaliptor approved by! Now we have bug tracking and feature request facilities amongst many other things :) Check out the sf webpage.

Scaliptor now has a spanking new logo thanks to Mr. Protozoa. What do you think? Why doesn't Scala have a logo?

Updated: I've made a simple Scala logo consisting of an an Angelfish (as German for Angel fish is Scalar fisch). Send me your thoughts...

Site validates as XHTML - which is nice. Thought I may as well, seeing how simple the page is at the moment :)

Scaliptor is alive! Syntax highlighting works... Logo